Online Subject Teacher (physics, chemistry, computer science, US history, English literautre)
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American Straight A Class
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Job Responsibilities

Online tutoring, teaching anytime/anywhere * Conduct online lectures, consultations and after-class reports. * All of the courses are online and are given through the virtual classroom. * Prepare the class PPT of each lesson in terms of the curriculum. * Select the exam questions and section assessment on the basis of the schedule and difficulties of the courses. * Correct the homework, mark the examination papers, and answer students’ questions. * Work with the teaching assistant to fill out the feedback form and provide student performance report after each class American Straight A Class (ASAC) is an online education institution established in the United States. We connect teachers from US Middle/High schools and international schools to provide the academic tutoring for Chinese students between 12-18 years-old who are studying in US middle/high school, are applying for US colleges or just want to study international courses. In order to make sure each student is achieving their academic goals, ASAC is focused on providing 1-on-1 and small classes (2-5 students) by following an American education curriculum. At ASAC virtual classroom, we provide US middle/high school courses, US high school preparatory courses, US college preparatory courses, international high school preparatory courses AP, IB, and honors courses.

Job Requirements

* Native English speaker (preferred), English fluency (required) * At least 2 years experience teaching at a middle school/high school level * Experience teaching ESL students (preferred) * Experience teaching remotely * Mac or PC laptop/computer

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