Overseas Customer Service Specialist
Full-timeUnder 10K RMB per monthShangHai
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Job description

1) Responsible for daily customer complaints of products in European and American markets, and answer users' questions through FB or email; 2) Pay close attention to facebook and other user communities and BBS, collect and sort out user feedback; 3) Recorded online problems and feedback from users, and assisted operations to solve online problems; 4) Set up and maintain VIP users and fans; 5) Operation activities, product localization, advertising copywriting content proofreading;


1) Fluent in reading and writing (cet-4 or above), English major is preferred, native English is preferred; 2) Love the European and American culture, familiar with the humanities and history of the European and American regions, and have the European and American life experience is preferred; 3) Love games, like to communicate with users and understand users' psychology and habits; 4) Cheerful personality, good teamwork spirit, and good ability to work under pressure; 5) Have European and American customer service experience and love games is preferred; 6) Internship is acceptable for 150 days.

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Customer Service / Sales Admin


Mid-Senior level

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