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Overseas High-level Talent Introduction Project

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Targets: PhDs in organic silicon, rubber, membrane materials,AI, computer science, environmental engineering, big data, medical instruments, network communications, polymer chemistry, textiles, new materials, high-end equipment, life and health, clean energy, digital economy, biotechnology, etc. Specific requirements: 1. Holding a PhD degree awarded by an overseas institute, with overseas scientific research experience for more than 36 consecutive months; 2. Specializing in life science or engineering technology; 3. Having formal teaching experience or assuming a research position in an overseas renowned university, research institute or R&D center of a well-known enterprise upon application. Talent supporting policies:  1. A permanent title of “A Specially-invited Expert of *** Province” or “ A High-level Talent of *** Province” will be awarded; 2. The talent, his/her spouse and minor children can apply for a Foreign Permanent Resident ID Card or multiple-entry visa valid for 2-5 years; 3. For a Chinese talent, he/she can settle down in any city in China without Hukou registration constraints; 4. The talent, his/her spouse and children can join various social insurance programs in China, including basic pension, basic medical care, work-related injury insurance, etc.;  5. The talent can buy a personal commodity house with reference to the housing policy for local residents at a preferential price; 6. The housing subsidies, accommodation subsidies, relocation fees, family visit fee and children's education expenses will be deducted before tax from the  income in China within five years in accordance with the relevant provisions of the state tax laws and regulations. We have built a long-term close cooperation with different provincial and municipal governments as well as leading enterprises in various fields, colleges and universities regarding talent introduction in China. With us, you will easily find the enterprise or partner that matches your specialty and career. If you are interested, please send your CV at

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3~5 years

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