Lead/Senior Character Concept Artist Art and Design
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Job Responsibilities

1.Design game character art style, develop character design template and specifications; 2.Be capable of character concept designing, organize concept artists and 3d artists to carry out the work; 3.Participate in specific character design and production process; review and guide outsourcing character production; 4.Participate in the character concept review process according to the design procedure; 5.Control the ultimate game effect of characters by using engine editor; 6.Accumulate and share character design experiences, compile courseware and facilitate new hires, share design experiences.

Job Requirements

1.Have a strong passion for video games, pay attention to the gaming experience, can cooperate with product developers in gaming experience improvement. 2.Bachelor’s degree or above, art-related majors, solid and awesome art skills; 3.A minimum of 5 years experience in character concept design, those with experiences in leading a team to carry out the design work is preferred; 4.Strong ability of comprehensive analysis and innovation, precisely understand work demands, and can accomplish it efficiently; 5.Strong sense of responsibility, high commitment to work, good cooperation spirit with team members to achieve goals; 6.Master necessary software for this position, have strong learning ability, take the initiative to research and apply new technologies to work.

Required Languages

Korean, Japanese, English

Job Details

Position type

3D modeling design


5~10 years

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