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Video influencer 短视频达人
Full-time10K - 15K RMB per month
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Job Responsibilities

岗位职责: 1. Participate in the short video shooting work of the company's domestic and foreign new media platforms. 2. According to the script requirements, accurately express the character's emotions and actions. 3. Collaborate with the director and team to complete filming tasks. 1.参与公司海内外新媒体平台的短视频拍摄工作。 2.根据脚本要求,准确表达角色情感和动作。 3.配合导演和团队完成拍摄任务。

Job Requirements

任职要求: 1. Smooth and fluent Chinese communication, with priority given to European and Japanese nationals. 2. Standard pronunciation and strong language expression ability. 3. Have good camera sense and expressiveness, and be able to naturally face the camera. 4. Priority will be given to those with experience in video shooting. 1.中文交流顺畅流利,优先考虑欧洲和日本籍人员。 2.发音标准,语言表达能力强。 3.有良好的镜头感和表现力,能够自然地面对镜头。 4.有视频拍摄经验者优先考虑。

Required Languages

Mandarin, Japanese, English

Job Details

Position type



Less than one year

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