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William & Partner Group
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Job Responsibilities

We need you : Creative creation - Expertise - Client maintenance - Project management - Team management - Communication coordination - Ability to be proactive etc 1.creative creation: keep abreast of the times, understand the current advertising industry hot spots, and have the ability to create their own independent excellent creative. 2.Expertise: A complete system of thinking on creative concepts, visual presentation, copywriting tone and strategic direction. Understand the client's industry/product/market and track industry trends. Ability to independently complete relevant strategic reports. Ability to make on-site proposals. Strong verbal skills and quick thinking. 3.Customer maintenance: with the team is jointly responsible for customer satisfaction, proactively communicate with customers and deal with customer problems, provide customers with successful strategic advisory services and recommendations, and establish a good communication relationship with customers. 4. Project management: managing project progress and ensuring the quality of project delivery until project completion. 5、Team management: manage and coordinate good team work, control the quality of team work, a positive mindset to break through the difficulties, and lead the team to climb the peak. 6、Communication and coordination: able to cooperate with other departments of the company to complete the creative work together; regular academic communication with customers to discuss creative ideas. 7、Self-motivated: have a positive consciousness, to create, to play more self-worth, self-actualization. We bring you: 1, paid annual leave, meal subsidies, regular physical examination, flexible work, annual travel, five insurance, one gold, team dinners, holiday gifts, skills training and so on, and occasionally small surprises. 2. Greater space to realize your own worth and to play to your strengths. 3. Don't bury any talent and give you the real "value". 4、Office Romance is not prohibited.

Job Requirements

We want you to: 1. Bachelor's degree or above, with more than 3 years working experience in advertising, communications or other related fields. 2. To be able to provide a full programme of work. 3. Has led a team of two or more persons. 4, the service of the car brand first, luxury car brand best. 5. Good writing and expression skills, with good English expression preferred. 6、Experience in large advertising agencies / famous creative awards are preferred. 7、Receive travel

Required Languages

Chinese, English

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