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Job Responsibilities

工作职责: 1. 负责公司产品APP的阿拉伯语翻译,包括文本翻译和日常翻译; 2. 负责平台的日常沟通与维护,负责培训用户和日常监管; 3.完成部门主管交办的其他工作。 1. Responsible for Arabic translation of the company's product APP, including text translation and daily translation; 2. Responsible for daily communication and maintenance of the platform, user training and daily supervision; 3. Complete other tasks assigned by the department supervisor.

Job Requirements

任职要求: 1. 中东国家在华留学生; 2. 对媒体行业感兴趣,熟悉社交软件; 3.善于交友、游戏等,性格开朗; 4. 阿拉伯语专业优秀,懂埃及语者优先; 5.此岗位需要上夜班班次,不接受线上办公。 1. Students from Middle Eastern countries studying in China; 2. Interested in the media industry, familiar with social software; 3. Good at making friends and playing games, with an outgoing personality; 4. Excellent Arabic major, good Knowledge of Egyptian is preferred; 5. This position requires night shift and does not accept online office work.

Required Languages

Arabic, English, Mandarin

Job Details

Position type

Customer service


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