Arts Teacher (Music/Dance/Drama/Visual Arts)
Full-time30K - 35K RMB per monthFoShan
Nord Anglia school-Foshan
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Job Responsibilities

KEY RESULT AREA Engagement and Interaction – School Ambassador to Internal Community: 1. Supporting the development of international-mindedness and all NAS Foshan learner attributes within the curriculum; 2. Fostering a stimulating learning environment based on understanding and respect; 3. Demonstrating open communication based on understanding and respect; 4. Meeting and greeting each student on arrival each morning and or lesson ensuring safety, assessing pupils at the door, monitoring their wellbeing; 5. Ensuring students are taken immediately to school nurse in the event of an injury or medical concern; 6. Ensuring strong healthy working environment is maintained between adults and students; 7. Establishing polite and cordial relations with all parents and family delivering students to school; 8. Developing and maintaining clear lines of communication with colleagues, parents and the wider school community; 9. Communicating curriculum information with parents; Learning and Teaching: 1. Ensuring the teaching of the curriculum meeting the IPC, IMYC, DP and CNC standards; 2. Differentiating classroom instruction to meet student’s individual learning needs and styles; 3. Teaching explicitly on-going and inter/trans-disciplinary skills; 4. Employing a constructivist, inquiry-based pedagogical approach to teaching and learning that promotes inquiry and the development of critical-thinking skills; 5. Providing learning experiences that build on what students know and can do; 6. Using technology as a vehicle for learning and integrating ICT skills teaching where possible; 7. Employing a range of teaching and learning strategies to promote independent thinking, inquiry and acquisition of subject specific knowledge and skills; 8. Promoting and fostering student reflection on learning experiences; 9. Employing a range of grouping and regrouping of students for a variety of learning purposes; 10. Empowering students to take self-initiated action because of the learning; Planning and Preparation: 1. Monitoring and or planning and reviewing the curriculum meeting the IPC/IMYC/DP/CNC standards; 2. Collaboratively developing and following a Grade Level Essential Agreement; 3. Attending and contributing to weekly collaborative planning meetings; 4. Working collaboratively with Grade Level Team,

Job Requirements

1. Teaching Certificate in relevant subject Visual Arts and school level 2. Bachelor Degree or above 3. Three or more years’ international education experience 4. Proficient English Language skills 5. Relevant PD in the field of Education 6. Experience in teaching IPC/IMYC/DP curriculum

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Other education positions


3~5 years

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