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Wuhan Minoans International Hotel
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Job Responsibilities

1. Assist the Deputy Concierge Manager to ensure the smooth operation of the Concierge Department in accordance with the prescribed concepts, and always provide polite, professional, fast and flexible services; 2. Ensure the hygiene and proper maintenance of concierge counters, facilities and storage rooms; 3. Check regularly in person to ensure that guests, staff and members of the public who use concierge services receive standard hotel service; 4.Ensure the normal operation of all operating equipment, and report the maintenance requirements when necessary.

Job Requirements

1.College degree or above, male, height 175+㎝, dignified appearance, articulate; 2. Accept night shift and shift system; 3.Strong sense of service; 4.Foreigners are preferred, able to communicate in English and Chinese.

Required Languages


Job Details

Position type

Etiquette and reception staff


1~3 years

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