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Job Responsibilities

Unisex male and female, good appearance condition, high recognition of personal characteristics 1. Cooperate with the director team for shooting of each push video; 2. Cooperate with the behind-the-scenes operations and editorial team to participate in the planning and operation of personal accounts; 3. Do detailed analysis with pre-planning and commercial departments for each brand that needs to be promoted.

Job Requirements

1. Familiar with cosmetics and beauty brands, have makeup skills and are good at painting various makeup faces, and have a certain understanding of the professional knowledge of beauty makeup. 2, with excellent communication skills and communication skills, cheerful personality. 3. Proactive work attitude, able to withstand certain work pressure; good professionalism and professional ethics. 4. Art majors such as acting and broadcasting host are preferred.

Required Languages

Chinese, English, Korean

Job Details

Position type

Acting / Model / Voice


Entry level

You by clicking the "apply" button (lower left), the recruiter will be informed of your application and be able to view your contact info and check your profile.

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