Filipino English customer service: 菲律宾英文客服:
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Job Responsibilities

工作职责: Job responsibilities: 1、通过邮件/在线聊天解答海外客户的售前售后咨询,引导客户完成下单; 1) Answering pre-sales and after-sales inquiries from overseas customers through email/online chat, guiding customers to complete orders; 2、跟进客户投诉情况,妥善处理客户的退换货等问题; 2)Follow up on customer complaints and properly handle customer returns and exchanges; 3、维护客户的评论和反馈,提高品牌的形象; 3)Maintain customer comments and feedback to enhance the brand image; 4、定期统计相关的数据,收集客户的反馈意见,优化服务流程; 4) Regularly collect relevant data, collect customer feedback, and optimize service processes;

Job Requirements

工作要求: Job requirements: 1、 要求英文读写流利,能够顺畅的进行书面沟通; 1) Require fluency in English reading and writing, and be able to communicate in writing smoothly; 2、菲律宾国籍、有电商客服的相关经验者优先考虑; 2)Filipino nationality and relevant experience in e-commerce customer service are preferred; 3、沟通能力强,有责热感,能够站在客户的角度解决问题; 3)Strong communication skills, a sense of responsibility and enthusiasm, able to solve problems from the customer's perspective; 4、注重团队合作,具备良好的情绪管理能力,思维活跃,语言整理与表达能力强; 4) Emphasize teamwork, possess good emotional management skills, active thinking, strong language organization and expression skills;

Required Languages

English, Mandarin

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Customer service


Less than one year

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