Game Localization Specialist (German, French, Japanese, Korean) headcount*1 EACH
Full-time20K - 25K RMB per monthChengdu
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Job Responsibilities

1.Game text translation. Review and Optimize in-game and promotional texts of the target language; 2.Develop a deep understanding of our products in order to ensure the quality of localization; 3.Find issues and solutions based on user feedback; 4.Provide suggestions based on user habits in the target market to improve their overall gaming experience; 5.Take part in the internal seminars to help elevate overall localization quality of our games.

Job Requirements

1. Native fluency in German, French, Japanese or Korean. Fluent English; 2. Good at writing and pay attention to details; 3. Have interest in video games and motivated to polish the texts; 4. Skilled at extracting and summarizing information, with the ability to learn new skills and pick up new ideas quickly; 5. Familiar with Microsoft Office software or their alternatives; 6. Teamwork spirit and communication capability; 7. Familiarity with the specific logic and vocabulary used in different game genres (especially strategy games) is a big plus.

Required Languages

Korean, Japanese, German, French

Job Details

Position type

Other game design


Less than one year

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