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Cosmetics R&D Manager
Full-time30K - 35K RMB per monthGuangzhou
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Job Responsibilities

1、根据公司长期及短期战略目标,制定油膏类产品研发的年度、季度计划。 Based on the company's long-term and short-term strategic objectives, formulate annual and quarterly plans for the research and development of paste-type products. 2、完善、落实新产品开发机制,完善产品检测检验,评测机制、改进产品研制质量和速度。 Improve and implement the new product development mechanism, enhance product testing and inspection, evaluation mechanisms, and improve the quality and speed of product development. 3、负责公司化妆品的产品研发、配方开发和测试改进工作。 Be responsible for the research and development of the company's cosmetic products, formulation development, and testing improvement work. 4、及时收集相关信息,分析化妆品行业发展态势,提供决策参考。 Timely collect relevant information, analyze the development trends of the cosmetics industry, and provide references for decision-making. 5、钻研提升研发,特别是彩妆产品技术,带领团队按时,高效完成新品开发。 Study and enhance R&D, especially in color makeup product technology, leading the team to complete new product development on time and efficiently. 6、组织开展基础配方的研究,配方库积累的工作、培训培养研发团队,提高研发队伍的专业水准。 Organize and conduct research on basic formulations, accumulate work in the formulation library, train and cultivate the R&D team, and improve the professional level of the R&D team.

Job Requirements

1、Majors in chemistry, biology, and other related fields, with a bachelor's degree or above. 2、Understand the status of new product development at home and abroad, with the ability to independently plan and undertake R&D projects. 3、Able to solve technical and quality issues arising in cosmetic production, familiar with production processes, procedures, and quality standards, with experience in charge of new product development and production technology research at well-known color makeup companies. 4、With over 5 years of experience in color makeup formulation R&D, including more than 3 years of R&D and team management experience in the cosmetic industry. Those who have worked in well-known large enterprises are preferred.

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Product manager


5~10 years

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