Warehouse Keeper(Russia)
Full-timeUnder 10K RMB per monthRussia - Moscow, st. Ostrovityanova, 25, apt. 106
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Job Responsibilities

Working Location:Moscow, st. Ostrovityanova, 25, apt. 106 · Responsible for the daily import and export management of warehouse materials; · Responsible for the warehouse material labels, fire prevention, anti-theft, moisture-proof, dustproof, rust prevention, safe electricity and other on-site management work · Responsible for quarterly inventory, issue inventory report, analyze and explain inventory differences; · Responsible for verifying inventory accounting with China asset management team · Responsible for the cleaning and tracking of inventory materials

Job Requirements

Education: · Major: Logistics, finance, management, and other related fields, college degree or above. Background: · Relative experience for 2- 3 years. Specialized knowledge: · Familiar with SAP or other warehouse management system. Skills: · Software: Office · Fluent Russian and English. Key Performance Indicators(KPI): - Accuracy of receiving and shipping - Inventory report accuracy - System operation accuracy - Accuracy and punctuality of loading and unloading

Required Languages

English, Russian

Job Details

Position type

Warehouse Specialist/Warehouse Manager


1~3 years

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