Hiring Academic Director (40K-50K monthly)
Full-time45k - 50K RMB per monthOnline
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Job Responsibilities

Job Description: 1. Formulate and implement the annual teaching management plan for each major according to the overall working requirements of the headquarters; 2. Organize and implement teaching inspection and evaluation of each campus; Supervise teachers' implementation of teaching syllabus and teaching plan, and evaluate teachers' performance; 3. Responsible for the supervision and suggestions of teaching plans of each campus; 4. Responsible for guiding and supervising the teaching and management qualities of each campus; 5. Assist the building and training of the teaching management teams of each campus; 7. Proficient in the certification of American curricula system, including the three certification systems NEASC, WASC or Cognia, and can assist in the implementation of this certification on each campus; 6. Other tasks assigned by the superior. For full-time positions, we offer: 1 Working Visa 2 Foreign Expert Certificate 3 Salary negotiable around net 40K-50K 4. Housing allowance 5. 10K travel allowance per year 6. Insurance 7. Help upon arrival 8. Paid public holidays 9. On-going professional developments 10. Opportunities for promotion

Job Requirements

Requirements: 1. Master degree or above, 5 years or above experience in management and personnel management, with strong management ability; 2. Strong learning and adaptation ability, able to quickly get familiar with the company's system and process, with excellent analytical ability, planning and execution ability; 3. Excellent communication, coordination and organization ability, affinity, quick thinking, innovation consciousness and certain ability to work under pressure; 4.love education work, can accept business trips, with team spirit and dedication.

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Job Details

Position type

Education management/Principal


3~5 years

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