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Job Responsibilities

We are an boutique Executive Search Firm providing mid to senior-level search and assessment. From our offices in Singapore, Hong Kong as well as China, we place candidates for roles in MNCs across Asia. We pride ourselves for our highly personalised and collaborative approach with our Clients for their Executive Search needs.

Job Requirements

Responsibilities: 1. Build up lists of target companies and candidates 2. Make cold calls to potential talent 3. Collect and screen CVs according to job specifications and requirements from clients 4. Ensure needed information of the candidate such as birth dates, given names, contact numbers, job functions, technical skill sets, etc. from the candidate CV are updated into the database 5. Able to fulfill the performance targets/goals set by management 6. Able to make recruitment calls to the targeted candidates, and arrange interviews to find out whether candidates are good fits for the clients 7. Thorough and in-depth research in the company and positions you are accountable for 8. Research the specific market to maintain current and up-to-date industry information Requirements: 1. Background in Tech/E-Commerce/Payment tech preferred 2. Under-Graduates or Graduates from Polytechnic or graduate programs. (Prefer studies in marketing, business, finance or similar fields. Also open to fields such as Logistics or Maritime due to our company’s focus industry) 3. Self-starter, driven, able to learn and work independently 4. Passion for technology and start ups 5. Excellent computer and organization skills 6. Exceptional written, verbal and interpersonal skills 7. Enjoys desk-top research as well as indoor sales-type role 工作范围: 1. 建立目标公司和候选人名单 2. 和候选人沟通 3. 根据客户所给的工作规范和客户要求收集和筛选简历 确保将候选人简历中的候选人所需信息(例如出生日期,给定姓名,联系电话,工作职能,技术技能等)更新到数据库中 5.能够实现管理层设定的绩效目标/目标 6.能够向目标候选人发出招聘电话,并安排面试以查明是否 候选人很适合客户 7.对公司和您负责的职位进行深入而深入的研究 8.研究特定的市场,以保持当前和最新的行业信息 需求: 1. 有技术/电子商务/支付技术的 2. 本科或专科毕业或为毕业生(首选在市场营销,商业,金融或类似领域的研究。由于我们公司的重点行业,因此也适合物流或海事等领域) 3. 有驱动力,能够独立学习和工作 4. 对技术和创业有热情 5.优秀的计算机和组织能力 6.出色的书面,口头和人际交往能力 7.具备台式研究和室内销售类职位 *想聘请中国人

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Business Analysis / Consultancy


Entry level

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