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Vietnam User Operation
Full-time10K - 15K RMB per monthGuangzhou
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Job Responsibilities

【 Job responsibilities 】 1. Responsible for the user operation of overseas chatting APP in Turkish market, including daily communication and management, solve users’feedback and problems in time. 2. Build and manage local operation team, introduce new users according to the stage objectives, keep close relationship with core users and VIP users to improve retention and recharge. 3. Excavate user needs, provide user insights, integrate and coordinate internal and external resources, and output targeted local operation strategies; 4. Participate in local content construction and management, create a good platform ecological atmosphere, and output high-quality content; 5. Cooperate with other departments to output localization perspective suggestions;

Job Requirements

【 Job Requirements 】 1. Bachelor degree or above, experience in user operation&service is preferred (overseas pan-entertainment industry or sales position is better); 2. Vietnamese as working language (mandatory), English/Chinese as internal working language (mandatory), with relevant life experience is preferred, Vietnam nationality is preferred; 3. Interested in overseas mobile Internet industry, with user-oriented service awareness, strong communication skills and ability to provide emotional value; 4. Have the ability to work under pressure, have a strong sense of responsibility and cooperation ability; Actively respond to work, take the initiative to expand more Vietnamese resources;

Required Languages

English, Vietnamese

Job Details

Position type

Other education positions


Unlimited experience

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