Drama Teacher / Performing Arts Instructor
Full-time15K - 20K RMB per monthShangHai
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Job description

1.Instructing classes capped at 8 students aged 3-15 years old. 2.Work week is Wednesday through Sunday. 20 teaching hours and 20 office hours per week. 3.Collaborate with faculty to create exciting teaching methods, such as drama, public speaking, film making, storytelling techniques. 4.Using PBL (Project Based Learning), to coach students in completing projects such as live performance. 5.Developing Initiative to independantly craft lesson plans based on our curriculum.


1.Four-year undergraduate degree (drama, film, psychology degree is preferred), and at least two years relevant post graduation work experience. 2.Dynamic energy, and an enthusiastic, collaborative attitude. 3.Participating in an interview with our personable faculty (in-person interviews are preferred)

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Other Teaching / Training


Mid-Senior level

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