Foreign Chief Creative Designer
Hefei Anda Chuangzhan Technology Co., Ltd
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Job Responsibilities


Job Requirements

1、外籍设计师,具有一定的中文交流沟通能力; Foreign designer with certain Chinese communication skills 2、3年以上设计实践经验,思维敏锐、活跃; More than 3 years of practical design experience, sharp and active thinking 3、卓越的独立方案创作及出色的设计表现能力,或有较强的手绘能力; Excellent independent scheme creation and performance ability, or strong hand drawing ability; 4、对所承担的设计工作能有独到的见解和观念,能就项目设计问题直接与客户对接; Having unique insights and perspectives on the design work undertaken; Be able to directly connect with customers on project design issues;

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Construction engineer/architect


Unlimited experience

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