Strategy Business Director
Full-time40k - 45K RMB per monthMakati,Philippines
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Job Responsibilities

1.Exploit the credit market in combination with the company's overseas strategic objectives. 2.Lead a team to expand financial technology resources, including but not limited to banks, NBFCs, payment companies, post loan management, advertising, data cooperation, etc. 3.Based on the deep understanding and insight into the differences between industries and regions, keenly grasp the market trends and market directions, and formulate overseas dissemination strategies of products to improve the brand awareness and reputation of the company. 4.Strengthen the market power of products, determine the target market and market positioning of products, and be responsible for the special event planning and project management of key products listed and major marketing nodes. 5.Establish and manage an efficient market insight system, comprehensively analyze all kinds of information, and formulate marketing strategies. 6.Improve the marketing ability of the marketing team, coordinate resources to match, and complete the cost budget and cost control. Please contact Harvey for details if you are interested Wechat:llzp0809 Mail:

Job Requirements

1.Bachelor degree or above, fluent in English. 2.Over 3-5 years working experience in Internet Finance Industry and at least 3 years working experience as country manager . 3.Strong strategic planning ability, marketing planning ability, market insight, experience in independently organizing and leading projects, and rich project experience. 4.Team consciousness, communication and coordination ability, crisis handling ability, learning and innovation ability.

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Sales director


5~10 years

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