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Postdoctoral Global Development Promotion Manager
Zhejiang University
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Job Responsibilities

1. Promote and advertise the advantages of Zhejiang University postdoctoral policies in oversea regions, increase the international recognition of Zhejiang University postdoctoral programs. 2. Coordinate recruiting demands of postdoctoral positions with the university’s disciplines and labs, invite talented doctors from international first-class universities, disciplines, and institutions to work in Zhejiang University, and provide consulting services for oversea applicants. 3. Participate in the formulation of international postdoctoral policies and contracts, help new international postdoctoral researchers fit in the university environment, and assist their application for work permit in China house renting procedures, etc.; connect with relevant departments in and outside the university to improve the international postdoctoral researchers’ service system. 4. Organize the orientation annually, keep contact with every international postdoctoral researcher, assist them with their daily problems, and enhance their recognition to the university culture.

Job Requirements

1. Master’s Degree or above, or applications with relevant working experience will be considered prioritized. 2. Native English speakers or those with advanced English language ability, who are excellent oral and written communication skills. 3. Master a basic level of communication in Chinese. 4. Experience of working in an administrative or management role. 5. Good knowledge of affairs relating to global higher education. 6. With the qualification of applying the work permit and work-type residence permit in China. DESIRED EXPERIENCE 1. Excellent organizational and events management skills. 2. Strong cross-cultural competence and ability to adapt in new environments. 3. Strong drafting, editing, and analytical skills.

Required Languages

Mandarin, English

Job Details

Position type

Education administration


Unlimited experience

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