English tutor for kids and adults
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Job Responsibilities

*Tutor two kids in Pudong~3-4 times/week -Looking for a teacher for 6y/o boy and 5 y/o girl. -They have learnt English over 2 years and has basic Enlgish level. -Focus on improving speaking and listening, sometimes tutor a little homework -3-4 times per week, 1.5 hours per class on weekdays 6:30-8:00pm(EXCEPT Monday) and 2hrs on Saturdays 9:30-11:30am,45 mins for each kid. -Location: ShangCheng road on L9 (商城路) *PT teach~ 5-6:30pm on Mon.~ Pudong - It's for an English training center - Age: 2~5 years old - Size: 8 students in a class - Schedule: 4:30pm-6pm OR 5pm-6:30pm on Monday - English native speaker only - Teaching materials provided - Location: XiaNan road on L13(下南路) *Tutor a 9 y/o boy~LianHua road on Line1 -He is studying in a local school ,Grade 3, Beginner level -Schedule:Twice a week, weekday evening or weekends -Location :LianHua Road (莲花路) on metro Line1 -Focus on oral English and grammar -Female teacher perferred ,American accent *Tutor 2 brothers,QingPu area -They are 4 years old and 7 years old. -Both of them are studying in an international school -Schedule :3-4 times/week in the evening or weekends 7:30-9pm -English native speaker preferred -Location :East XuJing station (徐泾东) on Metro Line2 *Tutor English for boy on Sat.or Sun. afternoon -Schedule:once a week on Sat afternoon or Sun afternoon ,2hours per class -Student age :5 years old -Location :Oriental Sports Center on L8/11(东方体育中心) -English native speaker only -Focus on oral English *Tutor English for a lady( Flexible schedule on weekdays) -She is around 35years old, She is pregnant and full time at home now. -Basic English level -Schedule :3 times a week on weekdays, Flexible schedule -Focus on daily communication in English -Location :LuHeng Road station on L8(芦恒路) -Female teacher perferred ,British accent

Job Requirements

-English native speaker preferred -Holding working visa

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English Teaching


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