Manufacturing Director
Full-time40k - 45K RMB per monthVietnam
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Job Responsibilities

1、Participate in the formulation of the company's overall development strategic goals and annual policy sales and operation plan. 2, fully responsible for the management of the factory and production plant, strict control of production costs to ensure smooth production; 2、Guidance and supervision of the process of production execution to ensure that product delivery can be achieved as planned 3、Maintain and manage the departmental organizational structure and job responsibilities, and make good personnel planning for the plant 4、Self-learning, improve their own professional ability, training and training department personnel, enhance the professional ability of department members 5、Improve and standardize safety management to ensure safe production 6、Reduce losses, improve efficiency, and ensure the continuous reduction of production costs 7、Design and plan the layout of the plant area to achieve the subsequent capacity requirements of PMC Feel free to contact Ivy guo. Email: WeChat: hiredchina105

Job Requirements

1、Bachelor degree or above in science and technology or related majors, with more than 8 years of experience in production management. 2、Manufacturing industry, household industry is preferred, more than 5 years of production management experience, household and flooring industry is preferred; 3、Strong strategic thinking, big picture, cost consciousness, efficiency consciousness, excellent logical analysis and coordination and promotion ability. 4、Familiar with the production process in the industry, familiar with the supply channels of raw materials, familiar with the production procedures and quality standards, with good production and management concepts, with some financial and legal knowledge.

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Manufacturing Manager


More than 10 years

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