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Embedded Software Engineer
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Job Responsibilities

Job Responsibilities: *Develop driver code, fix bugs, develop automation test code in C for Packet Processing *Design the unit and integration test scenarios for the embedded software *Review driver code and test code for other team members 工作职责: *开发驱动程序代码,修复错误,用C语言开发包处理的自动化测试代码。 *设计嵌入式软件的单元和集成测试方案。 *为其他团队成员审查驱动程序代码和测试代码。

Job Requirements

Basic Qualifications: *3-5 years Embedded programming experience in C. *Experience in designing and implementing embedded software for Micro-controllers have strong experience with the microcontroller peripherals drivers. *Good English listening and speaking skills. *Bachelor’s degree in Electronics Engineering, Telecommunication Engineering, Computer Engineering or related field. 任职资格: *3-5年C语言的嵌入式编程经验。 *在设计和实现微控制器的嵌入式软件方面有经验,对微控制器的外设驱动有很好的经验。 *良好的英语听力和口语能力。 *拥有电子工程、电信工程、计算机工程或相关领域的学士学位。 Nice to have: *Good to have experience with Linux Embedded and/or QNX. *Firmware and Drivers (AUTOSAR, Linux, and QNX Drivers), AUTOSAR Ethernet and Switch drivers *Experience in AUTOSAR MCAL software development and testing, AUTOSAR Ethernet, and Ethernet Switch driver. *Automotive development processes (A-SPICE) and safety-systems (ISO26262, ASIL A-D) is a plus. *Good experience with Networking, IP routing, and various network protocols especially of Layer 2 and Layer 3 in the OSI model. *Experience in automation testing framework and CI/CD system. *Able to quickly learn new things. *Good at problem analysis and solving skills. *Knowledge of GIT version control software and other S.W. configuration management, Scripting languages such as Python 符合以下条件优先考虑: *有Linux嵌入式和/或QNX的经验。 *固件和驱动程序(AUTOSAR、Linux和QNX驱动程序),AUTOSAR以太网和交换机驱动程序。 *有AUTOSAR MCAL软件开发和测试、AUTOSAR以太网和以太网交换机驱动程序的经验。 *有汽车开发流程(A-SPICE)和安全系统(ISO26262,ASIL A-D)的经验更佳。 *对网络、IP路由和各种网络协议,特别是OSI模型中的第2层和第3层有良好的经验。 *在自动化测试框架和CI/CD系统方面有经验。 *能够快速学习新事物。 *善于分析问题和解决问题的能力。 *了解GIT版本控制软件和其他S.W.配置管理,脚本语言,如Python。

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