Freelance Turkish Transcriptionist (Online Job)
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Job Responsibilities

Project Brief & Key Accountabilities ; 
 We are hiring for a Chinese multinational company 7 Freelance Turkish Nationals for a transliteration project. The project entitles 2 teams ; I) - Turkish Transcription Team (5P) : - The main role of this team is to ensure both accuracy and professionalism while meeting deadlines when submitting transcripts. The missions will be mainly about transcription and transliteration of voice to text messages while following some annotation guidelines. I) - Turkish Quality inspection Team (2P) : - The main role of this team is to evaluate the transcription work of team 1 based on certain guidelines according to the needs of the client based on some accuracy standards. The missions will be mainly about Project Timeline; 
 - The project lasts for 6 months which require 2-5 hours daily work commitment. - The Payment will be on Hourly basis.

Job Requirements

- Turkish nationals are required for this project. - Bachelor or Master’s degree holder in any discipline. - 2 years transcription experience is preferred. - Strong Accuracy and Professional conduct. - English speaking ability is highly recommended but not required. - Able to work under pressure. - Ensure all transcripts meet or surpass 90% or higher accuracy. - Ability to discern accented speech and different dialects.

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