Loan Reminder Specialist
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hunan overseas home information&technology co.,ltd
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Job description

Job Responsibilities: 1.Reminder customers of overdue small loan customers by telephone, urge and guide them to repay in time; 2.Maintain compliance communication with customers, and inform customers of repayment amount, repayment method, repayment time and other information 3.Record customer information in the system in time, Update and supplement customer information in a timely manner to ensure the validity and accuracy of the information; 4.Obey the superior's arrangements to complete the team performance goals and personal performance goals; 5.Complete other tasks arranged by the superior.


Recruitment requirements: 1.Age 18-35 years old, male or female, high school / secondary school or above; 2.Good oral communication and coordination skills; 3.Positive, with good professional ethics and team spirit; 4.Physical and mental health, able to bear hardships and stand hard work; 5.Obey arrangements, accept working hours and working methods; 6.Sales and bank call customer service preferred 7.Have Internet, computer, headset, accept work at home 8.After the virus is over, you can work directly in the company and become a regular employee

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Customer Service / Sales Admin


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