Math Teacher
Part-time15K - 20K RMB per monthBeiJing
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Job Responsibilities

1. Complete the daily teaching tasks according to the syllabus, including teaching, assignment, course feedback, etc; 2.Assist and participate in teaching and research activities of related subjects, strive to improve their comprehensive academic ability, and actively participate in various examinations for studying abroad; 3. Make appropriate learning plan according to the actual level of the students, and timely communicate with the head teacher to report the basic situation of the students in the classroom; 4. On the basis of completing their own main courses, constantly expand new courses and seriously complete the task of preparing lessons; 5. Implement all teaching requirements, rules and regulations of the school, and achieve all teaching indicators and job objectives required by the school; 6. Keep abreast of students' learning situation and provide feedback report regularly. Participate in school opening hours of communication with parents every week to help students grow and progress together with parents; 7. Complete other work arranged by leaders.

Job Requirements

1.Bachelors degree or above, major related to Mathematics; 2.At least two years of teaching experience in international schools; 3.Familiar with AP and IB courses, relevant certificates preferred; 3. Good curriculum control, appeal, excellent oral expression ability and public speaking ability; 4. Good affinity, good at communication, enthusiasm for teaching and research, serious and responsible for students.

Required Languages

Chinese, English

Job Details

Position type

Other Teaching / Training


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