Operations engineer
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Job Responsibilities

1. Responsible for the deployment, monitoring, maintenance and other routine maintenance of Platform Universe and applications; 2. Responsible for monitoring and emergency response to ensure the continuous operation of the system within 7*24 hours; 3. Responsible for troubleshooting related faults and problems, compiling and summarizing faults and problems, and submitting summary reports regularly; 4. Responsible for daily changes, maintenance, and monitoring, providing technical services and support to ensure the stability of the system; 5. Responsible for routine inspection, operation data statistics and analysis reports;

Job Requirements

1. Familiar with Linux operating system, experience in RHCE and operation and maintenance is preferred; 2. Familiar with Docker and Kubernetes related container technology, experience in actual combat/operation and maintenance is preferred; 3. Familiar with Shell/perl/python scripting languages, Git, Jenkins, Ansible and other tools; 4. Familiar with basic knowledge of components such as mysql, redis, ngnix, haproxy and distributed file system; 5. Be familiar with solace/ other message middleware and handle the invocation problem of service mesh services; be familiar with RocketMQ/ActiveMQ/Kafka; 6. Familiar with common micro-service architecture and principles (such as Spring Cloud); 7. Good at cooperation, good communication skills, teamwork spirit and strong sense of responsibility。

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Hardware Engineer


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