Professional audio development engineer
全职2万 - 2.5万RMB/月广州
Guangzhou BaoLun Electronics Co., Ltd,
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position statement : 1. Independently responsible for all the work of professional audio product projects from development and design to product finalization; 2. Responsible for the selection and reliability verification of the high woofer for professional sound; 3. Responsible for the reliability test of professional acoustics, verification and technical support for other departments; 4. Responsible for the design documents of audio products and the compilation of specifications; Determination of parameter index; 5. Independently undertake the process of project evaluation, development and progress control of professional audio products; 6. Able to solve various anomalies and complicated technical problems of professional audio products.


position requirements: 1.With a solid acoustic foundation,have Experience in speaker design and sound design,proficient in LMS and CLIQ test tools; 2.Familiared with parts, characteristics, structural design of speaker, components, etc. can debug speaker and have own unique insights and experience on the sound characteristics of speaker; 3. Have certain structural design basis; 4. Have a certain understanding of materials including sheet metal parts, plastic, wood materials and sound-absorbing cotton, and have the ability and experience of material selection and evaluation; 5. More than 2 years of design experience in professional speaker industry; 6. Familiar with various standards and various reliability and stability test methods of professional electro-acoustic industry. Welfare treatment: 1. Time: 5.5 working days, 2 4-hour paid holidays per month, enjoy paid annual leave and national statutory holidays, 15 days of extra-long annual leave; 2. Salary: basic salary + performance bonus (or project award) +13 salary + seniority salary + year-end bonus + various subsidies; 3, social security: according to law to enjoy pension, medical, unemployment, injury, birth insurance; 4. Dining: the company canteen has a full-time chef to cook nutritious meals, and the canteen provides free fruits, soup and summer herbal tea every week; 5. Accommodation: the company provides apartment-style dormitory for employees, and shuttle bus to and from work; 6, holiday benefits: exquisite gifts and (Mid-Autumn festival, Dragon Boat Festival, Christmas) colorful festival activities to make your holiday with a sense of ceremony; 7, wedding gift gold: wedding gift gold 800 yuan birth gift gold 500 yuan Spring Festival red envelope rain; 8, birthday party: monthly birthday party exclusive blessing, birthday gift 200 yuan, birthday party; 9. Length of service subsidy: 50 yuan/year, successively stacked; 10. Health care: weekly departmental sports, company table tennis room, billiard table combining work and rest (the company gym is under construction); 11. Staff activities: karaoke dinner, web celebrity afternoon tea, outdoor BBQ, mountain climbing, etc.; 12, tourism: said to go, take you to see the world, annual tourism, the department is not regular group tour; 13. ITC foundation: provide assistance to colleagues or relatives in need; 14. Incentive award: in the launching conference held in February, the individual awards will be rewarded with a bonus of 500-1000 yuan, and the outstanding team awards will be rewarded with a bonus of 1000-2000 yuan. The annual individual outstanding contribution award for research and development will be rewarded with a bonus of 10,000-50,000 yuan, up to 30% of which will be awarded; 15. Training: ITC business school provides paid pre-job training, bridging training, professional skills training, management ability training and other stages of training; The implementation of the mentoring system, let you white quickly change god; 16, promotion: the hero does not ask the source, multi-dimensional rising space, do not arrange the endowment theory generation to give you display their own stage; 17. Working atmosphere: the team is young and dynamic; 18, office environment comfortable superior, three independent office buildings, commercial food court everything; "ITC, a sunrise enterprise, a harmonious family, a positive team. Broad life value, sowing successful life! Sincerely invite you to develop together!"


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