Senior manufacturing engineer, electronic
Full-time10K - 15K RMB per monthShenZhen
Astera Manufacturing Limited
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Job purpose / summary Evaluate production performance and efficiency, ensure that process flow, manufacturing methods, tools, fixtures and equipment utilization are cost competitive and sustainable, reduce lead times and achieve quality requirements across product lines. Duties and responsibilities 1. Create and review WIs, process time ,flow chart and layouts for current and new products 2. Following up PI and make sure the issues are fixed in time. 3. Prepare ECRs including the issue’s thorough description and solution proposals 4. Take part in the DfM process, including design reviews and sample evaluation 5. Design tools, fixtures and gauges for processing and testing new and existing products 6. Update WIs, process time and layouts in ERP 7. Record the related versions of BOM 8. Communicate and clarify issues with production and quality departments 9. Check manufacturing line setup on SA production start according to WIs and layouts 10. Perform random production line supervision 11. Record, update and review production time values and adjust the line if necessary 12. Deliver a weekly activity report including the time needed per project/product 13. Develop and implement work processes for new and existing products 14. Provide trainings for each specific manufacturing step to production supervisors and operators 15. Provide technical support for vendor sided tooling and processes 16. Carry out related tests on product and process 17. Any other tasks assigned by superior


Qualification: 1. College degree or above majored in Mechanic or electronic. 2. At least 5yrs experience in a manufacturing or production environment. 3. Familiar with electromechanical assemblies, preferably with lighting products. 4. Familiar with automation equiments design and maintenance 5. Familiar with assembly process for electronic products 6. Familiar the normal component process such as stamping/injection/die casting/powder coating/silk screen printing/pad printing/CNC 7. Familiar with 3D design software and Autocad as well as MS office. 8. Familiar with ISO9000 and IATF16949 9. Good written and reading English is a must, English speaking is a plus.

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Manufacturing / Production


Senior Executive

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