TBR Design Engineer
Full-timeMore than 30K RMB per monthOverseas
Sailun GroupCo.,Ltd
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Job Responsibilities

1. Responsible for TBR product planning. Making Product Planning Based on the Needs of European Market; the products have performance and look consistent with the market expectations. 2. Core products and platform products development (Specification expansion by domestic R&D). Fill in the blank of core products and improve product series. 3. Product testing and performance improvement. Conduct testing according to product requirements, and improve the performance that can not meet the requirements. 4. Collect information on new products/technologies in the industry and provide technical basis for strategic centre. Focus on European market development and trend.

Job Requirements

5+ years 'experience in TBR design of well-known local Tyre Companies in Europe. Communication skills in a multicultural environment. Good industry contacts. Location: Frankfurt am Main, Germany

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Job Details

Position type

Research & Development


Mid-Senior level

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