Urgently hire a native English teacher
Full-time20K - 25K RMB per monthShangHai, BeiJing, ShenZhen, GuangZhou, NanNing, ChengDu, HeFei, BaoTou, ChangChun, ChangSha, ChongQing, DaLian, DongGuan, FoShan, FuZhou, SuZhou, TianJin, WuHan, WuXi, NanJing, NingBo, QingDao, JiNan, ShenYang, ShaoXing, TaiYuan
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Job Responsibilities

1.Native English speaker, American ,British,or Canadian preferred.  英语为母语的外籍教师(英国、美国、加拿大本土人士优先考虑)。   2. has rich experience in teaching children/adults English,Enjoy teaching,good communication, organization and management skills.   有丰富教学经验,热爱教学,语言表达能力强,有组织能力能够调动学员的积极性,善于与学员沟通者优先。  3. strong personal charisma,sense of humor,knowledge widely;, be responsible for and be patient with students, be willing to cooperate with colleagues with good teamwork spirit.   具有独特的个人魅力,幽默感,对待教学持有耐心、认真的工作态度; 具体团队合作精神。

Job Requirements

JOINING DATE: 17th AUGUST 2020 * Yangshan campus - PRIMARY/MIDDLE Department - 1 Female FAIRMONT. Homeroom/ELA/Social studies/Maths/Science Teacher Kindergarten - 1 FAIRMONT. Homeroom/Literacy/Social Studies Teacher G4+G5+G6 - 1 CALVERT. Homeroom/ELA/Social studies/Maths/Science Teacher G4 - 1 CALVERT. Homeroom/ELA/Social studies/Maths/Science Teacher G6 * Yangshan campus - HIGH SCHOOL Department - 1 G9-G12 CALVERT. Homeroom/US/World History Teacher - 2 G9-G12 Homeroom/ELA Teacher * Yangshan campus - Specialist Teachers: - 1 Primary PE Teacher - 1 High School PE Teacher Positions Available For Native English Speakers(US & Canada only) 1)Teach children from 4 to 18 years of age in international schools, kindergartens and training institutions.  2) 10-15 dollars per lesson, full paid every month.  3)10-40 lessons per week, 30mins for each lesson  4) Class remuneration: 12-28K/month,English-speaking teachers are required. 1)上课形式:教授4- 18岁的孩子国际学校、幼儿园和培训机构。  2)授课时间:30分钟/节课,每周上课节数在10-40节课  3)课程安排:根据老师的时间档安排课程,老师需提前一周确定可以排课的时间档  4)上课报酬:12-28K/月。要求英语为母语的老师。

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