Voiceover work (part time)
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Job Responsibilities

To save you time, please note that non-native speakers need not apply. Thank you! 1. English or Japanese or Korean is your first language (or that of one of your parents). 2. Accurate pronunciation and smooth delivery in your speech. 3. Preferably have some related work experience. Not a necessity, beginners are welcome too and we will be here to help. 4. No gender requirements – both men and women welcome. Part-time hours: Flexible hours, work can be done at home. Hours can be discussed and altered as according to the demands of your role.

Job Requirements

1,Have an accurate understanding of the text and complete voiceover recording tasks. 2,Analyze and discuss with our team members the personalities of those characters voiced; their feelings, thought processes. 3,Be responsible for voiceover work for in-game content, adverts, promotional products etc. 4,Work with the recording team; fulfil pre- and post-recording duties as necessary, and complete your work in a timely fashion. 5,You are better to hold your own special dubbing equipment.(necessity!!)

Required Languages

English, Japanese, Korean

Job Details

Position type



Unlimited experience

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