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Membership Package Specification
What's the difference between members and free members
1. Membership package is a top-up in nature. You can use the total account balance flexibly. The cost for posting job, refresh job, downloading resume, and job campaigns will be deducted from the account balance. No additional fee will be charged.
2. We maintain 15 WeChat job-hunting groups for global expats, with an average number of nearly 500 people in each group. Posted job information can expose to nearly 7500 foreign talents in a day.
3. GICexpat Wechat public account has more than 300,000 followers and an average monthly page view of 720,000 . Jobs' ads target at job seekers readers who are highly accurate population.
4. The balance of your membership package will be cleared at expiration day. Please post jobs and download resumes in the valid period of your membership.
5. This cooperation agreement will have a direct and implicit promotion effect on member users, so no refund service is provided.