Capable employee and native Russian speaker
26 years oldOther sales positionsCome from Kazakstan Living in Angola
Language: Russian
Mandarin: not at all

My name is Ayan, and I would like to introduce you to my experiences and passions that I am sure can be valuable to your team in the casino industry. I have been an active volunteer for five years, working with various organizations and groups of people. These experiences taught me the value of empathy and social responsibility, which was the basis for my involvement as an official volunteer with UNICEF. In addition, I am a passionate sports fan, especially running, which I did actively for two years. This experience has taught me self-discipline, determination and teamwork - skills that I believe are essential for success in any field. In addition, I have a background in digital marketing and social media content promotion. I have successfully promoted ticktock accounts and hosted streams, which has helped me develop skills in analytics, content management and communications in an online environment.

Leading specialist
Mar 2021 - Apr 2024(3 years)

functions included outgoing calls to the customer base with offers of the Company's promotions, individual offers, additional sales, control of other managers' shifts, shift schedule, calculation of KPIs of employees, etc., as well as timely preparation of summary reports.

State Medical College named after D. Kalmataev of Semey city" State Enterprise
, Medical officer
Sep 2015 - May 2019(4 years)

A nurse (nurse practitioner) is a professional involved in caring for patients and performing medical procedures prescribed by a doctor. Depending on the place of work, the specific duties of a nurse differ. Most often, we see a nurse in the office of the