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深圳市柠檬乐科技有限公司是一家致力于跨境电商发展的新兴企业,公司资金实力雄厚、资源丰富、前景优越。目前公司正处于蓬勃发展阶段,立志于打造一支优秀的外贸电子商务团队和一流的电商网站,积极开发海外市场,有完备的供应链,以及工厂经验,在产品端会有更多的开发经验。只要你有能力有想法,月入几万不是问题,快加入我们的大家庭! Shenzhen Lemonle Technology Co., Ltd. is an emerging enterprise dedicated to the development of cross-border e-commerce. The company has strong financial strength, abundant resources and superior prospects. The company is currently in a stage of vigorous development, determined to build an excellent foreign trade e-commerce team and a first-class e-commerce website, actively develop overseas markets, have a complete supply chain, and factory experience, there will be more development on the product side experience. As long as you have the ability and ideas, monthly income of tens of thousands is not a problem, join our big family soon!

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