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TBA Creative Network is a full-service creative brand activation agency, specialising in below-the-line engagement for events, exhibitions and experiential marketing. We deliver results, from strategy through to execution. We use an insight-based approach to inspire our clients’ target audiences, create interest in brands and deliver innovative solutions to maximise returns. As a Pico+ company, TBA Creative Network addresses the many challenges in today’s marketing world. Backed by the global Pico Group with a presence in 35 cities worldwide, TBA Creative Network has developed an impressive and expanding portfolio in just a few years since its inception. TBA介绍: TBA是环球笔克集团(Pico)成员,直接为客户透过全球笔克网络提供品牌策略顾问服务。 TBA 创意联盟是全方位创意品牌激活代理,擅长线下(BTL)互动营销,涵盖活动、展览与体验式营销,由构思策略至活动执行,整个过程一手包办。 我们专业团队的独到见解启发客户目标受众,使他们对品牌产生兴趣,亦会提供创新的解决方案,提高活动效益。 TBA创意联盟为Pico+旗下公司,针对当今营销环境的众多挑战,为客户提供解决方案。凭借笔克集团遍及全球近40个城市的环球足迹,TBA创意联盟成立至今,发展有声有色,而且正不断扩大服务范畴。 TBA官网: www.tbacreative.net Pico 集团官网:http://www.pico.com/en/company/#Profile

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