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Founded in 2020, ParcelJet Group is headquartered in Guangzhou, located in the bustling business center - Panyu Tianhe City. At present, it has subsidiaries in 10+ countries around the world, mainly in Shenzhen and Shanghai, Hong Kong, Japan, South Korea, the United Kingdom, Germany, France, Italy, the United States, Canada and other regions, with a total of 10+ self-operated overseas warehouses, 20+ tripartite cooperation warehouses, more than 20 logistics business centers and more than 300 overseas backbone employees. Overseas warehouse area of more than 115,000㎡. The main business is overseas warehouse, export line, FBA first leg, international freight, postal small and medium parcel and after-sales reverse logistics services. Adhering to the business philosophy of "gathering high-end talents, developing leading products, providing high-quality services, and achieving win-win cooperation", the company focuses on providing cross-border e-commerce logistics services and customized supply chain solutions. Through the continuous optimization of service process, deep, wide and fine performance ability, the initial formation of a complete global two-way cross-border e-commerce logistics service system, together with China's overseas brands to build a close relationship with the world's e-commerce consumer market, to provide customers with solid service guarantee, committed to become China's reputation of the first overseas logistics brand. The company has a unique and highly visionary management team, the backbone staff with good academic background and rich experience in cross-border e-commerce logistics, most of the members from Alibaba, Vipshop, SF Express and 4PX and other well-known e-commerce or cross-border logistics enterprises. Group headquarters under the marketing center, operation center, technology center, manpower center, financial center, sea and air freight center seven core departments, responsible for the overall planning and operation of the company. We insist on being the creator of business value and share the value created with our customers. At the same time, we have established a sound internal management system, an open and transparent talent promotion system, a reasonable bonus distribution system and a feasible reward and punishment system, and the responsibility to the person, reward and punishment are clear, to provide every passionate and capable staff with opportunities to show themselves, so that they can play their strengths in their work and be loyal to their duties. "Fast sailing, send to the world" is our mission. Under the leadership of a strong leadership team, with the hard work of all employees, the company is moving towards a stage of rapid development. To this end, we welcome like-minded people with insight to join us and build a better future together!

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