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Aborder Products was founded in 2019 as a business specializing in research and development in a variety of different consumer products in order to bring the best products necessary from design, to the factory, to your home. Aborder products looks past sales numbers, and deeper into the consumer’s home to see what are product flaws, how can they be redesigned, and most importantly, how can we bring Americans the best quality products at the lowest possible price. As a fully developed Texas corporation, Aborder seeks to build upon the opportunity and talents available in this wonderful city, in order to be the best competitor on the field. Aborder currently has a warehouse in Grand Prairie, Texas where our onsite engineers inspect products, out designers test ways they can be better, and our outsourcing team looks for ways to make the products of the best possible material, while giving consumers the lowest possible price. Aborder seeks to fill your home in many different ways. We specialize in kitchen products such as French presses and electric kettles, décor items such as our oriental rugs, floating wall shelves, and picture frames, baby products such as baby gates, and toys, and for those dog lovers out there we patent and create water fountains to keep your pet hydrated and healthy. As the saying goes, everything is bigger in Texas, and that’s what we seek to be here at Aborder. Bigger, Better, the Best!

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