Shenzhen Chengsu Electronic Technology CO.,LTD
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Shenzhen Chengsu electronic technology CO.,LTD is mainly engaged in mobile Internet advertising and marketing.Our company was founded in 2011 locating in Shenzhen,China, which focuses on providing mobile advertising services to customers and specializing in mobile Internet advertising marketing.We are an user-oriented Internet operation company which is a refined operational orientation, developing the ability to operate multi-screen and cross-platform users, and developing from traffic operation to a data-based.We are committed to providing competitive mobile advertising solutions for high-quality customers, specialized in research and analysis base on a number of data such as user’s geographical location, gender, age group, interests and hobbies, etc. We also provide accurate mobile advertising to customers in the Internet, e-commerce, gaming, finance, real estate, education, diet and medical care, ensuring that our customers' advertising achieves the best result and helps them grow. We have developed into a multi-service innovative and operational Internet company. We advocates "unity, innovation, efficiency, gratitude, and return".We also has a young and potential team.We are willing to devote effort, serve customers, take more challenge and accept new change.We will keep continuous innovation power, stable marketing methods and the spirit of innovation to become an enterprise with strong influence. Welcome to join us! Let’s grow together!

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