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Business Development Specialist
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Job Responsibilities

- Responsible for developing overseas advertising channels and promote business cooperation with channels; Establish and maintain long-term and stable cooperative relations with overseas mobile traffic suppliers; - Create digital strategies, explore clients like overseas mobile phone manufacturers, mobile traffic solution companies and mobile terminals, explore channel resources of SDK, and reach business cooperations; -To develop sufficient and high quality advertising media channels for the company and obtain more potential customers through media channels; -Able to monitor real-time data, analyze data and report work in marketing development activities; - Analyze feasible and optimize sales plan; Complete sales target and estimated KPI.

Job Requirements

-Bachelor's degree or equivalent -Overseas digital marketing experiences: mobile traffic buying ,mobile advertising platform, website traffic or WAP platform work experience is preferred -Good English ability, able to communication in English, fluent in listening, speaking and writing -Understand the work mode of digital agencies, international advertising holdings -Proven records of preparation, sales, and execution of complicated omnichannel marketing campaigns - Srong execution, self-motivated, result-oreinted PS: Work permit is provided for foreign employees.

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