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Game era 3 years, they are still recruits, after countless trials and battles, the achievement of a famous masterpiece, has become the industry temple figures.One day in 2018, they got together and decided to put aside the glory and glory that they once had and rebuild a team that could disrupt games.We have a deep technical reserve force, excellent art production ability, user experience as their responsibility, continuous innovation to create value for users, and take the overseas market as the blueprint.However, we have a very competitive team at OWG GAME STUDIO, and we welcome you to join us! Puzzle 1: BSW (solve the password - full name) Puzzle 2:......Game year 3, they are still recruits (please unlock the code - year) … … 游戏纪元3年,他们还是新兵,历经无数磨炼与厮杀,成就了一款又一款的知名大作,成为了业界殿堂级人物。 2018年某天他们集聚一堂,决定放下曾经集聚一身的荣耀与光辉,重新打造一支能够颠覆游戏作品的团队。 我们有着深厚的技术储备力量,优秀的美术制作能力,以用户体验为己任,不断创新为用户创造价值,并以海外市场为蓝图。 然而,这样一支极具战斗力的团队正在《OWG GAME STUDIO》,张开双手欢迎各位的加入! Tips: 谜题1:BSW(请解开密码-全称) 谜题2:… … 游戏纪元3年,他们还是新兵(请解开密码-年份)

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