English Game Customer Service
Full-time10K - 15K RMB per monthShangHai
Shanghai Jiadun Software Technology Co., LTD
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Job Responsibilities

Job Responsibilities 1. Act as a Game Master to monitor and manage in-game environments, like answering users’ questions in public channels. 2. Handle complaints by confirming the problems, answering the users’ questions, and cooperating with other colleagues to solve the problem. 3. Monitor opinions and feedbacks from users and make good guides and examples for users to follow. 4. Cooperate with other departments to work on things that need human resource support. 5. 24-hour shifts.

Job Requirements

Job Requirements 1. Like playing mobile game and customer service job. 2. Have knowledge about SLG type of games. 3. Outgoing, open-minded. Have good communication skills. 4. Patient and dedicated. Be able to work under pressure. 5. English native speaker and can communicate in Chinese.

Required Languages

Chinese, English

Job Details

Position type

Customer Service / Sales Admin


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