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Guangzhou Lijian Health Management Co., LTD
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Job Responsibilities

1. Live broadcast: According to the requirements of live broadcast and speech script, complete live broadcast objectives through product explanation and fan interaction, and improve the competitiveness of live broadcast materials. 2. Live broadcast support: According to the live broadcast needs of the live broadcast room, participate in the back-end work such as auxiliary broadcast, central control, and water army to ensure the effect of each live broadcast. 3. Live broadcast preparation: According to the live broadcast plan, complete the speech writing of live broadcast products and the preparation before broadcast, including but not limited to products, scenes, scripts, processes, activities, marketing tools, etc., to ensure the normal development of live broadcast work. 4. Live replay: According to the content and data indicators of each live broadcast, summarize the live broadcast effect and output the optimization plan by reviewing the live broadcast operation, so as to ensure the improvement of the next live broadcast effect.

Job Requirements

1, have 6 months or more live experience 2. Understand the rules and user ecology of mainstream live streaming platforms, and master the operation of assisted broadcasting 3, regular facial features, enthusiasm and lively, strong sense of mirror, like interaction and communication, good at mobilizing the atmosphere 4, quick thinking, strong language expression ability and strain ability, can deal with emergencies 5, result-oriented, self-drive self-discipline, execution and ability to carry pressure

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