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Foreign Chinese Anchor/ 外籍中文主播
Part-timeUnder 10K RMB per monthGanzhou
Jiangxi Brilliant Technology Co., Ltd.
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Job Responsibilities

1. Responsible for business development and maintenance work 2. Responsible for market brand communication and promotion 3. Participate in business team management work 4. Participate in company related decision-making meetings or training sessions 5. Participate in the company's brand promotion activities and other related work 6. Participate in market research and analysis in domestic and international markets 7. Obey other matters arranged by superiors 职位描述: 1. 负责业务的开拓和维护工作 2. 负责市场品牌传播和推广 3. 参与业务团队管理工作 4. 参与公司相关决策性会议或培训会 5. 参与公司的品牌推广活动等工作 6. 参与国内外市场的市场调研与分析 7. 服从上级安排的其他事宜

Job Requirements

1. Have good Chinese proficiency, outgoing personality 2. Collaborate with the team to complete offline activity execution and live broadcast promotion related work 职位描述: 1.有良好的中文水平,性格外向,从事过自媒体行 2.配合团队完成线下活动执行和直播宣传等相关工作

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