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New Media Operations
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Job Responsibilities

Short video production or graphic editing related to Chinese tourism and culture, posting content on overseas social media platforms such as Instagram and LinkedIn, collecting exposure data and directing it to customer service for promoting sales.

Job Requirements

-Familiarize with the lifestyle and travel habits of French consumers -Understanding Chinese culture and cultural differences between China and France -Being able to sensitively perceive the attractive points of Chinese tourism and cultural elements to the French people - Being able to search, shoot, edit videos and images, and add French subtitles or voiceovers - Proficient in using overseas social media platforms such as Instagram and LinkedIn - Regularly collect and analyze backend data - Being able to search for competitor content and break it down for analysis - Lead inquiry customers to sales personnel - Passionate about cultural tourism, willing to share, conscientious and responsible, with some experience in overseas new media operations or daily use overseas new media and share the contents .

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Video editing


Unlimited experience

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