Narrative Designer
Full-time15K - 20K RMB per monthGuangzhou
Goat games
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Job Responsibilities

As a Narrative Designer, you will work closely with both foreign and Chinese colleagues to bring the best game experiences out of China into the foreign market. You will be part of a dynamic and fast-paced team where your cultural expertise and creative juices will always be in demand for multiple projects, across multiple disciplines. You Will - Work collaboratively across multiple teams to fulfill narrative design requests. - Write for the game’s main story, plot summaries, and background stories of in-game events, items, and characters. - Plan the narrative structure of the game and cooperate closely with the development team to see through integration of narrative designs. - Design characters, icons, avatar frames and various art assets using detailed descriptions and examples, providing references for all details. - Provide development teams with a tangible cultural understanding of sensitivity risks and preferences of Western game audiences. - Support development teams by ensuring the localization quality of in-game texts. - Support development and marketing teams by building reference and educational documents to give special insight into Western culture and Western gaming culture. - Be the visionary world builder for future game concepts.

Job Requirements

You Are - Native or Fluent in English: English is your first language or you are fluent in English and can write creatively using the language. - A creative at heart: You’re always imagining worlds, characters and stories; you might even write already or act them out in Dungeons and Dragons. - A hardcore gamer: You “get” games. You understand the typical systems that are reused across games and even some nuances in game design. You have strong opinions on them. - An expert problem-solver: You have constraints, which means you have solutions. You know how to take the core of an idea and realize it’s full potential despite deadlines or multiple voices chiming in. Basic information: - Job type: Full-time in-office position, not remote - Location: GUANGZHOU, Line 1/3 Guangzhou East Railway Station - Salary: 10k-20k RMB (or more depending on experience) - Work Visa Provided - Working hours: Monday to Friday 9:30am-6:30pm (including 1.5 hour break time)

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Content Writer/Copywriter


1~3 years

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