Software engineer
Full-time35K - 40K RMB per monthShenzhen
Kaiyan Medical
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Job Responsibilities

1.Responsible for IC brand and model selection with hardware engineer; 2.According to the function and software requirements of the product project plan, complete the program design in line with the function and performance requirements; 3.According to the logic design specification, design the detailed program flow chart +C+C26,C33:H43; 4.Write debugging program, test or assist the hardware design of test development, ensure that it runs properly according to the design requirements; 5.Write design and development software specification, and other related documents; 6.Maintain and manage or assist in the management of the software developed; 7.Software testing and debugging in the design and development stage, keep relevant records; 8.To upgrade the software in response to the problems raised by customers;

Job Requirements

1. Familiar with the development environment of MPLAB,keil and Cortex, with more than 2 years of SCM software development experience, familiar with commonly used PIC and STC series, with independent development ability; 2. Familiar with USB communication principle and application; 3. Familiar with Visual C++ development environment, proficient in C/C++ programming languages and corresponding development and debugging tools, familiar with software development process; 4. Good ability and habit of writing documents, able to write normative summary and detailed design documents.

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Other technical positions


3~5 years

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