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Civil Engineer
Full-time10K - 15K RMB per monthHungary - Nyiregyhaza, Hungary
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Job Responsibilities

Job Title: Civil Engineer Report to superior: project leader Place of work: Nyiregyhaza (Hungary, Europe) Job Responsibilities: 1) In the contractor bidding stage, check the relevant information of the contractor, give professional advice, and assist in the preparation of bidding documents and contracts document; 2) According to the design scheme, the construction partition and construction schedule are arranged reasonably; 3) Manage civil construction units, coordinate and solve on-site problems, and be responsible for construction quality and construction progress (implement quality inspection and analysis of civil construction conditions, propose quality improvement measures; implement civil engineering equipment and control materials); 4) Manage site construction changes and review measurement and payment schemes caused by construction changes; 5) Participate in civil engineering acceptance If you have some interested pls contact with Olay Dong as below: Email: olay.dong@hiredchina.com Whatsapp:+86 19925370749 LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/olay-dong-97717a265

Job Requirements

job requirements: 1) Bachelor degree or above, major in civil engineering; 2) Candidates with relevant engineering management qualifications are preferred; 3) Able to use local drawing software and read construction drawings proficiently; 4) Familiar with local engineering regulations; familiar with construction, supervision, acceptance and other engineering links. 5) Familiar with the local engineering market, at least 3 years of construction management experience (including plant project construction management experience and complete project construction management experience); 6) Have experience in bidding and preparing project bidding documents and contracts; 7) Experience in battery factory project construction management is preferred; 8) Proficiency in English communication, Chinese ability is preferred; 9) Work actively, rigorously and pragmatically; have overall planning, communication and coordination skills, detail skills, execution skills, team spirit, and tolerance Adversity and setbacks, strong command and control ability, quick response.

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Construction engineer/architect


3~5 years

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