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Drug development
Full-time15K - 20K RMB per monthOnline
Urban Global (Beijing)International Safety Assessment Technology Center
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Job Responsibilities

The main hope is to achieve the transformation of results! 1. Sampling and retention of samples of the inspected items; 2. Strictly use instruments and equipment according to the standards and prepare culture medium; 3. Select the passage strains and analyze microbial fermentation; 4. Carry out routine physical and chemical analysis of finished products, intermediate products, raw and excipient materials, packaging materials and other drugs such as APIs and preparations; 5. Perform sterility examination; 6. Verify the potency of antibiotic drugs; 7. According to the pharmacopoeia, the pharmacological toxicity test of the drug is carried out; 8. Monitor the environmental conditions in the production clean area; 9. Record, calculate, review, judge the inspection data and prepare the inspection report. (The specific salary is subject to the actual interview)

Job Requirements

1.Regarding pharmacy, biopharmaceuticals, biological sciences, biomedical, animal medicine and other related majors. Bachelor's degree or above. 2.Priority given to work experience in drug research and development, drug testing, and other related fields 3.Has strong Chinese communication skills, is good at communication, has excellent professional ethics and team spirit, works meticulously, efficiently, has a strong sense of responsibility, and can take the initiative to take on work. Proficient in operating various office software

Required Languages

English, Mandarin

Job Details

Position type

Pharmaceutical R&D/Drug Production


1~3 years

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